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Taste the Sunshine Coast in every creamy mouthful

Maleny Cheese products are made from the fresh, full cream milk of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. This region boasts rolling green pastures and stunning vistas of the Maleny plateau and Glasshouse Mountains. It’s a quieter, simpler life where the community is at the heart of everything. People often say “you can really hear yourself think up here.” And we have to agree. It’s this quiet, thoughtful life you can taste in the products Maleny Cheese brings to your table.

Fresh from Maleny farms to you

Our products are handcrafted with European expertise and a pure and natural ingredients list. We don’t use chemicals, fillers or artificial preservatives to bring you our award-winning and deliciously unique cheese and yoghurt. Our short shelf-life shows the freshness of our products, which are thoughtfully hand-made and purely additive-free.

Our products haven’t travelled thousands of kilometres to get to you. They’re made right here in Maleny, using fresh local milk sourced from our small-herd hinterland dairy farms, by our local people. Our dairy is truly ‘of’ the region that supports it. From our local farmers to our cheese and yoghurt factory and its workers to a network of independent retailers across South East Queensland.

Products of quality made simply

We currently produce 13 kinds of cheese – including cheddar, soft or white mould and feta-style cheeses as well as 7 gourmet yoghurts in our range. Maleny cheeses and yoghurts are handcrafted under the direction of Markus Bucher. Markus is a master cheesemaker of Swiss origin, who is also a multi-generational local dairy farmer. He brings this European knowledge and understanding to Maleny Cheese with a true passion for the whole process from the paddock to the plate.

All our products are gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly, and our cheeses are made with non-animal rennet. Maleny Cheese and Maleny Yoghurt have won many awards at Local, Regional, State and National level, including the prestigious Australian Grand Dairy Award twice. Apple and Cinnamon Yoghurt in 2014, and Passionfruit in 2009. This award recognises the ‘best of the best in Australian flavoured yoghurt.”

Maleny Cheese products are sold in independent grocers across South East Queensland, as well as here on our website. They also feature in a growing number of cafes and restaurants in the area, including our own Maleny Cheese Cafe.

Want a slice of our way of life?

Come up and visit us sometime. Our shop is open 7 days a week from 10 am - 3 pm with our cafe open Wednesday to Sunday. Share this special part of the world with us.

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