Our Cheeses: 3 Exceptional Types of Cheese

Maleny Cheese offers 3 different, yet equally exceptional types of cheese all made with fresh Hinterland cow’s milk. Although a small range, it’s unique and special that a small factory would offer this many varieties. We make Club Cheddar, Feta-styles and Soft or White-Mould cheese styles. Handmade with pure ingredients and European craftsmanship, these products delight with their quality and lingering flavour. Naturally delicious, our specialty cheeses provide a taste of Sunshine Coast hinterland’s rolling green hills.

You might be enjoying a picnic while overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains. Or a baked brie in our Maleny cafe. Or simply entertaining friends at home. Wherever you are, and whatever types of cheese variety speak to you, our cheeses always feel good on your plate or cheeseboard. That’s because they are made with natural ingredients, and love for our region.

Our cheesemaking process

So how do we make award-winning cheese?

The traditional cheesemaking process is borne from simple, natural ingredients, and thoughtful, time-honoured techniques. We like to keep it that way. It’s the way we respect our farmers, the way we operate as a company, and the way we bring our products to market. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that you really can taste the difference in our cheese.

The best cheese starts with the best milk. We use fresh cow’s milk, supplied by 5 local small-herd dairy farms in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We transport the milk from the farm to our factory, via our own milk tanker. The milk moves to a large vat, where it goes through the pasteurisation process. It is then ready to become cheese or yoghurt.

To make cheese, our cheesemakers add cultures, rennet and other ingredients to the milk. The precise recipe depends on the type of cheese we’re making. This process encourages the curd (solid) to separate from the whey (liquid). Once separated, we scoop the curd into our cheese moulds, where they are turned on a regular basis. From there we ripen the cheese in the maturing room.

The length and style of the maturation process will vary depending on the types of cheeses we’re making. Feta-style cheese is a fresh cheese and requires no ripening, whereas our soft cheeses ripen in 3 to 5 weeks.

Due to seasonal availability and artisan nature of our factory, we sometimes experience shortages in some of our cheeses.

Grab a slice of our great local cheese

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