Maleny Gourmet Natural Unsweet Yoghurt

Over the years we have grown our Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt range in a variety of flavours.  We’ve had a number of awards presented to different products, but question we were asked on regular occasion is “do we produce an unsweetened yoghurt?”.  The answer was always yes, however it was part of our Swiss Style yoghurt range, which offers a different consistency and flavour.

The increasing market of health conscious customers looking for an unsweetened alternative, but still offering the rich, smooth creaminess of our current Gourmet Yoghurt, was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore.  We started trialing the Gourmet Unsweetened Yoghurt (1kg) at our markets stalls since March 2016.  Over the short six month period, this flavour has grown rapidly, so we’ve decided to made this a permanent part of our range.

We are excited to announce, we now sell our delicious Maleny Gourmet Natural Unsweet Yoghurt in 350g and 1kg size.

Come and try some today.

Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt - Natural Unsweet

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