Storing Products

Once you have purchased our delicious products, you need keep as cool as possible. All our products are labelled to store below 4°C. They are not suitable to be kept out of refrigeration. Products will sweat and melt, reducing their premium quality. So try to get it into a fridge as soon as possible. If you are enjoying a day out, pack an ice brick and esky, and they will be fine for the day.

Here at Maleny Cheese, we do not recommend our customers to freeze our cheese or yoghurt. Once a product has been frozen then thawed out, the texture tends to be flaky, losing its creamy quality. Flavours also become softened after freezing.

Approximate lifespan of cheese is as follows:

  • Unopened cheeses:
    • Cheddar has 4 months.
    • Feta has 2 months.
    • White-Mould cheese has 8 weeks.
  • Other products:
    • Greek Style Yoghurt has 3 weeks.



Storing opened cheese

The most important rule to recognise is exposure to air. You want to reduce air contact with the cheese itself, preventing the cheese from drying out.

Once opened, we recommend you glad wrap the cheese; and store in an air tight container.

We suggest consuming the cheese, within a week. Cheddars and White-Mould Cheese will not go off in this time, but the intensity of their flavour will lessen, once a packet is cut/opened.

Due to the style of our Feta we suggest using it up within 2-3 days. Alternatively, you could make a salt water brine, and preserve cut Feta in that. Keep in mind the increased salty flavour, if you choose to store your cheese this way.



These are our tips to help you prolong the life of your purchase, and enjoy at its optimum flavour.


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