Our Products

Fresh from paddock to plate

Maleny Cheese products are made in the hinterland from fresh local milk. These dairy farming families graze their small herds on beautiful rolling green hills of the Maleny plateau, overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains. By having such strong connections with the ingredient source, we can assure our customers and guests that the milk we source is pure and fresh.  Farms that supply us are marked with signage stating they are ‘Proud suppliers to Maleny Cheese’.



Milk is transported from the farm to our factory, via our ‘Maleny Cheese’ truck.  It’s next deposited into a large vat downstairs, and goes through the pasteurising process, where it then ready for use – to become cheese or yoghurt.

For cheese products, the cheese makers will next add the cultures, rennet and other ingredients needed, so that the cheese will separate into curd (solid) and whey (liquid).  The curd is scoop into the plastic moulds, where the cheese will sit until firm, and then it will ripen in the maturing room, until ready for packaging.

For yoghurt, cheese makers will add cultures and other ingredients, where it’s then packaged as a milk consistency, before it sets in a heated room.



Maleny cheese products - Gourmet Yoghurt - Apple and Cinnamon

Our hand-crafted dairy products are made with the combination of European skill and third generation local dairying knowledge. We continue to evolve and develop new varieties and flavours for our customers.

We currently produce 13 cheeses and 7 yoghurts, and many of them have won awards at Local, Regional, State and National level. In 2014 we were awarded the very prestigious Australian Grand Dairy Award for our Apple and Cinnamon, making it the ‘best of the best in Australian flavoured yoghurt’.

All Maleny Cheese and Maleny Yoghurt products are gluten free and are vegetarian friendly.