Other Maleny Products

These other products are all part of our range of locally produced foods for you to enjoy.


Maleny Buffalo Products

Our Maleny Buffalo range has now been discontinued.




Maleny Camel Products

In November 2014, we were able to try producing Camel milk cheese.  In January 2016, we were given the opportunity to produce Camel milk yoghurt.  These were only trial products, available for a limited time only.

As of April 2016, Maleny Cheese does not source camel milk, or produce camel milk products on a a regular basis.  If you would like more information regarding camel milk and where to purchase it, please contact QCamel for further details.  We do sell the QCamel Milk in our Maleny Cheese Cafe.  Please phone in advance to check if stock is available.

Read an article written about the Camel Milk supplier.


Maleny Cheese Yoghurt Camel Milk