Maleny Cheeses

Maleny Cheeses

Maleny Cheeses – Our cow-milk cheese range includes three styles: Club Cheddar, Feta and White-Mould. They are fresh and rich in taste. Made with pure ingredients and European craftsmanship, these products delight for their quality and taste. Naturally delicious, our specialty cheeses provide a taste of Sunshine Coast hinterland’s rolling green hills.  

    Maleny Cheese  

Maleny Club Cheddar

Our Cheddars are premium quality three year aged cheddar, rich in flavour, with a soft, crumbly, melt in the mouth texture.  All six cheeses in this range are worked by hand with natural ingredients, to create a quality club cheddar of distinction.  The cheddar is dip-sealed in food-grade wax.  When sliced into discs, they make a distinctive decoration to our cheese platter.

  • Vintage – our base cheddar, rich and creamyNSW DIAA 2015 Silver_Chilli, Tuscan, Wasabi, Sundried Tom Olive
  • Smokey – a rich oven smoked flavour
  • Wasabi – this Japanese horse-radish has a distinct mustard flavour, without the sizzle
  • Port – indulge on a fruity flavour, as we blend Vintage Port Wine for a unique taste
  • Tuscan – a delicious blend of Italian herbs, this pizza flavour cheese is a favourite
  • Chilli Con – a sweet chilli tang with a peppery after kick



    Maleny Cheese  

Maleny Feta

Our Fetas are a Swiss-style, fresh cheese, that do not sit in brine.  Fetas need no maturing time for flavours to develop, so they are ready to eat the day after making.  Our Feta’s have a firm, crumbly texture, with a salty bite, perfect for tossing through salads.

  • Plain – dense, salty flavourNSW DIAA 2015 Silver_Chilli, Tuscan, Wasabi, Sundried Tom Olive
  • Bald Knob Farmhouse – a low salt option, with a milder flavour and softer texture.
  • Herb and Garlic – delicious blene of aromatic herbs and garlic
  • Sundried Tomato and Olive – Mediterranean flavours and colour



  Maleny Cheese White-Mould  

Maleny White-Mould

Our White-Mould range are surface ripened cheeses with a delicious creamy taste.  These cheeses are best eaten just before their ‘best before’ date as they have a flavour which improves over time.  Delicious at room temperature or served warm out of the oven. Each cheese in this range has its own taste and texture.  Due to the maturing time of these cheeses, along with constant demand, these products are not always available. The difference between the White-Mould cheeses is the cream content added during the making process.

  • Camembert – no cream added, fresh mushroom like flavour
  • Creamy Brie – one portion of cream, has buttery taste
  • Triple Cream Brie – three portions of cream, extra smooth and creamy buttery flavour