Maleny Buffalo Range

Maleny Cheese Buffalo Range Sunshine Coast

Maleny Cheese Buffalo Range

Maleny Cheese Buffalo range is created from pure Water Buffalo milk, sourced from a local Maleny plateau farm also.  Compared to cows milk, Buffalo milk is white in colour, milder flavour, and creamier texture.  Buffalo products are a low cholesterol option.  Due to low quantities of milk produced by Buffalos, products are seasonal (available Winter/Spring seasons only).

  • Feta – refreshing subtle taste, not strong or salty
  • Herb and Garlic Feta – our Buffalo Feta combined with a blend of aromatic herbs and garlic
  • Brie – creamy, smooth White-Bloom cheese, with a scent of mushroom


As at August 2019, we no longer produce the following products:

  • Quark – delicate gentle flavour, this fresh versatile bake-quality cheese
  • Dip – using our Buffalo Quark and combing it with a special blend of herbs, garlic and pepper


Maleny Cheese Buffalo Cheese



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