Labneh is a soft cheese, originating from the Middle East. It is made by draining yoghurt that contains added salt. Labneh has a tangy flavour and is similar to cream cheese in texture. As it is made from yoghurt, it contains probiotics and typically lower in calories, compared to cheese.

It is very simple to make at home.


  • Tub of Maleny Natural Premium Yoghurt
  • 1½ tsp salt


  1. Place cheese cloth over a sieve, then place sieve over a bowl, to catch the whey (liquid) draining from the yoghurt.
  2. Mix salt into yoghurt and then pour yoghurt onto the cheese cloth.
  3. Tie cheese cloth up with rubber band.
  4. Place in refrigerator and let the yoghurt drain for 48 to 72 hours. Discard whey in the bowl. Yoghurt will have become cheese.


  • Use Maleny Natural Premium Yoghurt (Swiss Style) which is unsweetened. A 500g tub reduces to half its size (approx 250g of Labneh).
  • Have tried making Labneh with Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt (Greek Style). Less whey drains from the yoghurt, the flavour is quite a strong sweet tang.



How to use:

  • Traditionally, formed into balls after it drains and then preserved in olive oil.
    Combine oil, herbs, and lemon zest in a small bowl Season with salt and pepper. Place Labneh balls into a jar, and pour oil mix over top. Cover jar; place in refrigerator and let marinate for at least 8 hours and up to 2 weeks.
  • It can be consumed with a wide variety of foods (honey, olives, in a sandwich, on bread, etc.)
  • Spread it onto toast with jam for breakfast, or serve as part of a cheese platter.
  • It’s thick and rich enough to use in place of sour cream as a topping or in recipes.
  • Garnished with olive oil, crushed dried hot chilli, and dried mint, and served as a dip.
  • To enhance the flavour, garlic, mint, basil, parsley, dill or other herbs can be added after the draining process.


Maleny Cheese - Labneh RecipeMaleny Cheese - Labneh Recipe



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