Cheese Journeys – exploring cheese classes

Maleny Cheese makes four of the eight ‘classes’ or ‘styles’ of cheese that experts use to describe cheese groups.

Here is an introduction to these classes, which will be useful to you on any cheese journey in the world. We invite you to explore our own cheese varieties from within four classes of these eight cheese styles. We are fortunate to have access to three types of milk source for cheese making within the Sunshine Coast hinterland. They are cow, water buffalo and camel. We’ll be talking about these in more detail in our next blog, but for now, we hope you enjoy these notes


Fresh Cheese

Fresh Cheeses and other Fresh Dairy Products are soft, moist, simple curd cheeses. They are certainly not the opposite to ‘old or spoiled’ cheeses. Being a ‘Fresh style of cheese’ refers to the fact that they are best eaten soon after they have been made. They can also be made from all types of milk. Cheeses of this group include cottage cheese, cream cheese, Neufchatel, Ricotta, Mascapone, Feta, Quark, Fromage Frais and Fromage Blanc. Delicate milky flavour, soft, moist spongy body and short fridge life.

Maleny Cheese Quark is classed in this group of cheeses and is made fresh from cow or water buffalo milk.


White Mould Cheese

Soft white rind cheese, surface ripened, velvety white rind, creamy golden interior, develops buttery, ‘flowing’ centre, mushroomy smell and taste. Rind develops ammonia, overpowering smell when cheese is aged. They include Brie, Camembert, Double and Triple Brie.

Maleny Cheese Camembert, Creamy Brie and Triple Cream Brie is classed in this group of cheeses and are made predominantly from fresh cow milk. Seasonally we do make a ‘Buffalo Brie’ which is of course made of pure water buffalo milk.


Washed Rind Cheese

Surface ripened, soft cheese that has been ‘washed’ during ageing to develop flavour, brownie-red sticky rind, golden yellow interior softens with age, pungent aroma, sweet tasting. They include Raclette, Tilsit, Reblochon and wine washed cheeses.

Maleny Cheese used to make ‘Leblochon’, Tilsit and Raclette, but due to overwhelming customer’s love of our delicious Greek and Swiss style yoghurts, we have run out of space and fresh milk to make these products for now. We have kept our recipes and equipment to make these delicious award-winning products again one day in the future, so we will certainly keep you informed.


Cheddar Cheese

Distinguished by style of manufacture. This semi-hard cheese varies in flavour from bland to and buttery to sharp and bitie vintage. Texture becomes drier and more crumbly with age. They include mild (aged 3 months), matured (aged 3-12 months) and vintage (aged over 12 months) cheddar. Some well known cheddars include Colby, Cheshire, Red Leicester, and Lancashire.

Maleny Cheese Club Cheddars belong in a sub-class of cheddars due to the additional steps in their creation we undertake. Our cheddars are all of pure ingredients and are made to be soft and full of flavour, unlike the crumbly, drier forms of cheddar described here. The secret is in the recipe we use and our customers tell us they love them. We have six in the ‘club cheddar’ family based on their flavour ingredients.


Maleny Cheese does not make any of the next four cheese classes, but we do purchase these in and offer a selection from these styles, to complete the cheese experience at our onsite cafe & deli-shop. They are also available at some of our farmer market stalls.

Blue Vein Cheese

Distinguished by the presence of green, grey or blue moulds, usually a tangy flavour with a salty finish. They include the classic styles of Roquefort, Stilton, and Gorgonzola. Range uses all types of milk source. Flavour ranges from mild to very strong and textures from soft to hard. Treatment to the rind of these cheeses also varies.


Stretched Curd Cheese

Close textured semi-soft cheese; name refers to method of manufacture. Cheese has textured appearance when torn. Fresh types are moist and delicate in flavour; matured types are prized for their stretch when cooked fresh. They include Bocconcini, Treccia, Fior di Latte, Mozzarella and provolone.


Eye Cheese

Refers to ‘eyes or holes’ produced during maturation of the cheese. Slightly sweet, subtly piquant flavour, firm by moist body with open texture and consistent whole size. Buttery, golden yellow colour. They include Edam, Emmenthal, Fontina, Gouda, Gruyere, Havarti, and Swiss-style cheese.


Hard Cheese

Mostly used for grating and cooking, translucent golden yellow, sharp robust flavour. Grainy texture, piquant finish. They include Parmesan, Pecorino, Romano, Pepato and Sbrinz.


These introductory notes will help you explore your own ‘Cheese Journey’ We especially recommend a visit to our factory where you can taste and learn more about the cheeses we make, as well as the ones we buy-in to complete the cheese offering. The viewing window on to our production floor allows you to watch our products being made and our cafe and shop offers dine-in and take away options for your to enjoy.

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